Thursday, 11 June 2009

Welcome to the Party

Hi there folks.

This whole thing was originally intended to be a Sunday afternoon affair with roasts and cider and the crustiest of old rock and folk records. Sadly however we’re going to be far too busy larking around in fields this summer to hold down anything regular so here is our compromise, the Plaid Party blog.

From our exploits in all four corners of the world you can guarantee we’ll be hunting for gems to share with you on a weekly basis. We’ll bring news of top draw crust, pics and flics; probably mostly things we’ve found on the cheap on our travels and then pretend to know loads about (sort of like the Mad Decent blog but with less utter shit on it. Plaid Decent…?) Not to mention absolute bloody classics and regular features from our already excitable team of contributors.

So, enough of introductions (chances are if you’re reading this you’ve already had to put up with one of ranting at you about it after a few too many ciders) and lets get on with it...

Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times

Best first track off a first album ever? we think so...